Rhinocorn is a professional music studio and rehearsal space in Cambridge. We are live music experts and focus on performance services. 


Whether you're an established band looking for a quality space to practice or a beginner looking to develop your skills and connect with other musicians, we are here to help you!

At Rhinocorn, goal is to create a professional music studio with a laid back atmosphere that focuses on serving live performers not just recording artists.

If a band comes in to rehearse,  then chooses to spend time hanging out in the chill-out room or having a cup of tea in the kitchen then we know we are doing it right! 

We are all about collaboration over competition, you will often bump into us at local gigs and open mic nights and you can find a host of other great music services recommended by us on this site.

Our aim is to give you the practical resources and skills you need to develop as a great live musician.

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Rhinocorn Studio, Unit B, 20 Mercers Row, Cambridge, CB5 8HY

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