Terms & Conditions

This is an Agreement between You and Rhinocorn LLP, a company registered in England and Wales (registration number OC415061), whose registered office is at Unit B, 20 Mercers Row, Cambridge CB5 8HY. By following the signing up process at our Website to attend Session Skills you are accepting the terms and conditions in this Agreement. You should only join if you are willing to accept them.

​Sign Up

  • This sign up agreement commences once you have accepted the terms during the online payment process. By accepting these terms you are agreeing to pay any applicable fees which are shown at the start of the sign up process and again before confirming your payment instruction.


  • By signing up to Session Skills you consent to receiving communications relating to your sign up, opportunities and information about Session Skills.

  • We manage Session Skills sign up operations in house, and we will not sell or give your data to anyone else.

  • The concepts and resources used in Session Skills workshops are owned by Rhinocorn Ltd. In taking part in any rehearsal, performance, workshop or event it is agreed that any use of resources, techniques and ideas will not be used, amended, copied or replicated at any other event, or to any group or in any venue. If found to be used, legal action could ensue against the individual.

  • Session Skills will always endeavour to give as much notice as possible to members for any changes made to regular scheduled workshops, and any cancelled sessions with be refunded or rearranged.

  • Sign up costs may vary each year and you will be notified of any change in advance.

  • By signing up, it is agreed that photographic, motion picture, electronic (video) images and sound and video recordings may be taken of all the members and used for advertising and marketing purposes in relation to Session Skills.

  • Your sign-up fee to each session is non-refundable.


  • In the event of you being unable to attend a booked session, you make transfer your place to another musician of similar standard – they must play the same instrument you signed up with. Please inform Rhinocorn ahead of the session if someone else will be attending in your place.

  • You may opt out of email communications that we may send but if you do, we cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by you not receiving Session Skills related communications. Contact to change your communication preferences.


 Your Obligations

  1. You agree to pay us any applicable fees on the date shown in the online joining process and in the emails sent to you by Session Skills.

  2. Payments are due in order to confirm your place at a session

  3. You consent to incidental inclusion in marketing photographs that we may take from time to time.

  4. You agree to tell us immediately of any changes to your personal details including contact information.

  5. You are responsible for notifying Session Skills if you wish to transfer your place to another musician.

  6. In making an application, Members are assumed to be medically fit to undertake the instrumental and physical demands of Session Skills. If an individual has any doubts, these should be indicated to Session Skills prior to their application.

  7. You confirm that you are at least 18 years old.



Session Skills aims to create a safe and positive environment for all its Members. In order to do this, we must ensure acceptable standards of behaviour from our Members. All Members should try to be punctual to rehearsals and adhere to times and guidelines set by Session Skills.

Members should be co-operative with both Rhinocorn LLP staff and fellow Session Skills Members and uphold an equal-opportunity environment.


Any form of negative behaviour, whether written or verbal, towards others including Session Skills Members, Leaders, and office/studio staff or could lead to cancellation of Membership. Payments will not be refunded.

Members should understand clearly that Session Skills cannot be held financially responsible for damage caused by misconduct.

Health and Safety

Rhinocorn LLP is not responsible for damage to person or personal belongings whilst attending rehearsals and performances or before and after rehearsals and performances.


Session Skills Members are responsible for their own property and well-being whilst attending all rehearsals and performances.


Our Rights

We may terminate this Agreement and your Session Skills sign up with immediate effect if you do not pay any applicable fees when it falls due.

We may terminate this Agreement and cancel your Session Skills place with immediate effect on notice to you if you breach any of the Session Skills Codes of Conduct. In this event you you will not receive a refund.

If we do not terminate your Membership if you breach any of the Session Skills sign up terms and conditions, or if we give you extra time to pay if you do not pay your sign up fee when it falls due, Session Skills reserves the right to subsequently enforce the terms of this Agreement.

We reserve the right to increase the price of sessions. We will make it clear when the price increase will take effect and how much your Session Skills place will cost after the increase.

We may communicate Session Skills related information to you by email.

Rhinocorn LLP, Session Skills leaders and subcontractors are not liable for any loss, damage or theft of any of your property that you bring into any of our thirdparty venues. 

We will notify you of any changes to these terms and conditions.

Other Clauses

Only you, the person named in the online joining process, can benefit from this Agreement.

If any of the terms of this Agreement are invalid, unenforceable or illegal the remaining terms can still be enforced.

This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.

Payment methods

It is the responsibility of a Member to ensure their payment method is set up correctly and their fees are being paid/collected successfully. While Rhinocorn LLP may inform you of any issues or errors that can occur from time to time, any overdue amounts will be payable in full.

Payments should be made online by debit card or credit card, using the link sent by Rhinocorn LLP. Cheques are not accepted.


Collection of your Personal Information

​To view our current Privacy and Security Statement, please click here.