Coronavirus Update


We will be open again from 1st September.

Please read the below information about our new booking policy and changes to studio use.


Booking and payment

  • We have implemented a 15 minute handover between bookings

    • This is to minimise contact between visitors and allow us time to disinfect the rooms between bookings.

  • Payments will need to be made at the time of booking.

    • Again this is to minimise contact from gathering in the reception and allow us to clean rooms..

    • Bookings are fully refundable when cancelled more than 48 hours before the time.

    • If you want to book in bulk, just drop us an email. You don’t need to pay for all sessions at once - we can set up an invoice at the start of each month.

    • We are no longer accepting cash.


  • Opening hours

    • We will be following government guidance and our opening hours from September - December will be:

      • Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10:00pm

      • Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

    • By opening earlier in the day we hope to accommodate the same number of bookings over more hours to enable better social distancing.

    • As always, if you need to book alternative hours or days please contact us and we will always try to be as flexible as possible.

Social distancing in the studio

  • Maximum of 6 musicians per rehearsal.

  • Musicians should wait outside or in their cars if they arrive early, and enter the studio only at the time of their booking.


  • Please use as much of your own equipment as possible.
    The less shared gear the better - singers please bring your own microphone if you can (and if you don’t have one, now might be a good time to invest - singing causes the most amount of germ spreading!)


  • The Chill Out room should be used to enable social distancing in the corridor - please move into the chill out room to allow space for people leaving the studio.

  • Musicians are asked wear masks in communal areas of studio (reception, corridor, and kitchen).


  • Once in rehearsal rooms musicians (especially singers and brass instruments) should face the mirror where possible, rather than facing each other.


  • There will be hand sanitizer in the reception area and kitchen area, please help yourself!


  • Rehearsal room handles and communal equipment will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray between bookings.


  • Anti-bacterial handwash will be available in the kitchen and toilet.

Thank you for being so patient and understanding - we look forward to seeing you all soon!

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