Storage Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions shall apply to storage of equipment undertaken by Rhinocorn LLP (the Company) on behalf of any customer (the Customer) at Unit B, 20 Mercers Row, Cambridge, CB5 8HY (the Premises)

  2. The Company will make available to the Customer storage facilities for storage by the Customer of it's equipment. The Company will endeavour to keep all stored equipment safe and in good condition, however all equipment stored by the Company is stored at the Customer's sole risk.

  3. The Company does not and will not insure any equipment stored on behalf of the Customer​ who is advised to make the appropriate insurance arrangements itself.

  4. The amount of the fee payable to the company will be notified to the Customer from time to time. The company reserves the right to amend the payable fee to take account of changes of circumstances, in this instance written notice will be given 28 days ahead of any changes.

  5. The Company shall not be liable for any losses or alleged shortages of equipment stored for the Customer nor for the consequences of any act beyond its control.

  6. The Company shall refuse to release equipment stored by the Customer to anyone other than the Customer unless arranged by the Customer in advance.

  7. The Company shall not be under any obligation to the Customer to release the equipment stored on the premises whilst any sums are due to the Company from the Customer either for storage of any other facilities until full payment is received by the Company. If the period of arrears exceeds 90 days the Company will sell items of the equipment stored on the customers behalf, the value of which will in the Company's view realise sums sufficient to cover those sums due to the Company, however the Company must notify the Customer in writing of its intention to sell any items of the Customer's equipment, and the customer will have a period of 7 days after receipt of such letter in which to pay the Company the sums due. If payment is received within the 7 days the Company has no rights to sell any item o items of the Customer's equipment.

  8. The Customer must provide accurate contact details during the storage period.

  9. The Customer must confirm that the goods being stored are the property of the Customer or that the authority of the owner to enter into this contract has been given.

  10. Only musical equipment may be stored at the Premises.

  11. The Customer shall give the company not less than 7 days of written notice of its intention to terminate these arrangements which may nevertheless be terminated by the Company at 7 days notice to Customer for any reason.

  12. The Customer must pay fees one month ahead so that cleared funds are received in advance of storage commencement.

  13. No variation of these terms and conditions (save in respect of any increase in the storage fee payable) shall have any effect unless set down in writing and agreed by both parties; a copy of these terms shall be supplied to the Customer at the commencement of storage and the signature of the person receiving a copy hereof shall be deemed to constitute actual notice to the Customer of these terms and conditions and the customer shall be bound hereby. In the absence of any contrary indication in the writing the Company may treat the individual signing the duplicate of these terms and conditions as the Customer and may account to such individual who shall assume liability accordingly.

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