A unique approach to workplace Wellbeing

Combining mindful breathing, movement and music to feel better, together.. 


Workplace wellbeing is a key ingredient for every modern workfoce.


Staff retention, staff productivity, staff happiness and staff health are all improved with a strong focus on the wellbeing of the people within your company. 

So how can VOX benefit your people, and how can VOX benefit your company?

  • Movement for everyone; all VOX sessions begin with stretching and opening up the diaphragm. This can be adapted to individuals mobility and is accessible for all. No need for gym gear or a shower after, but still provides physical relief from a full day at a desk.

  • Embracing the health benefits of singing; it improves posture, especially important for those with desk based jobs. It supports good mental health, from the release of endorphins and being part of a group. It increases lung capacity, breath control and quality, this is also of benefit to anyone who presents or speaks publicly.


  • Social aspects of group workshops; people people people! VOX promotes connection with other people, to boost confidence, broaden communication skills and encourage workplace collaboration.


  • For fun; there is a reason why people sing in the shower and in the car, it feels good to sing and music makes almost everything more fun.

A typical VOX Workplace session:

45 minutes


Available times: 13:00 & 17:30


15 minutes stretching and movement.

 15 minutes of vocal delivery techniques and breath control.

15 minutes of singing and music.

About Meg

VOX is led by Meg, a Professional Vocalist and graduate of the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. 

Meg as been performing and singing for over 10 years, in group ensembles and as a soloist. She specialises in contemporary vocals, performance, and vocal coaching.


Currently Meg leads the Bespoke Party Bands ensemble Dance Away.

Meg is a well-rounded vocalist and musician, but has a passion for reconnecting to the physical and instinctual side of singing.


Being a good vocalist is more than just getting the notes right! It's also about, confidence, connection, and communication. 

About Heloise

Behind the scenes of VOX is  Heloise, owner of Rhinocorn Music Studio and Bespoke Party Bands, a live music agency.

Heloise is not a musician, but after a few years of working in the music industry she wanted to bring the wellbeing elements of music to other non-musicians like herself.

The undeniably positive mental and physical elements of music should not be exclusive to musicians. 


Not everyone can do yoga, or play an instrument or go for a run. But EVERYONE can sing.

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